Our Experts

George Aguiar – President & CEO

As a partner in Flagship Security Systems, Inc., which was acquired by Norel Service in 2012, George brought invaluable expertise in integrated security systems to our company. Over the last decade, George’s invaluable contributions have been the driving force behind Norel’s impressive sales figures and remarkable year-over-year growth in revenue.

As CEO, George assumes a multifaceted responsibility in overseeing all of Norel’s departments. With a hands-on approach, he offers unwavering support to the entire team while managing the implementation of strategic plans and objectives for the company. George’s versatility makes him the go-to resource for the company in various domains, including IT and systems management.

George’s visionary leadership, business acumen and technical prowess enable him to continue to chart the course for Norel’s continued prosperity.


Rick St. Tripp - Director of Operations

Rick has 20+ years of industry expertise and has worn many hats at Norel from technician, to installer, to installation & service manager. His expertise enables him to ensure that all of Norel's departments and operations run efficiently & accurately, whether it's through the provision of top-notch customer service, trouble shooting, responding to emergency situations, and/or overseeing our teams for sprinkler and fire alarm repairs and installations. 

Brittany DiGiovanni – Director HR & Administration

Blending more than a decade of experience in customer service, security and alarms, Brittany addresses all things regarding internal employees and human resources administration. She is our "go-to" for solving internal and external problems, planning company-wide events and ensuring employees needs are met. She does all of this while also managing some of our largest customers. 

Susan DiGiovanni – Testing & Maintenance Manager

Susan ensures that our customers are never behind on testing and maintenance of their fire and sprinkler systems. Stemming from more than 15 years in the field, Susan maintains in-depth knowledge of the requirements and standards that need to be met when servicing our customers' systems.

Mike Norton - Director of Monitored Systems

Mike oversees  our Monitored Accounts Department, which includes Norel’s private UHF telemetry radio system for both digital and wireless monitoring throughout New England. He ensures that our customers receive the attention, quick turnaround, and most importantly, accurate communication before, during and after events such as emergencies, false alarms, tripped alarms, etc.  Mike has been a licensed systems technician since 2001. 

Tom Norton – Founder/Consultant Emeritus

Tom Norton founded Norel Service Company in 1971.  His expertise is derived from a long and distinct history in the fire protection industry. He is a licensed Master Electrician, licensed Sprinkler Contractor and holds an AS in Fire Science Engineering. Mr. Norton served in the U.S. Navy Civil Engineer Corps; his leadership culminating as Lieutenant Commander in the Reserves.

Tom has dedicated his career to the fire protection industry and has been an active participant in several trade and philanthropic organizations. He has chaired multiple National Fire Protection Association [NFPA] Committees and contributed to others, including NFPA's DARAC [Disability Access Review and Advisory Committee]. 

Mr. Norton continues to offer his consulting expertise in every area of the business and handles all industry relations for Norel. 

  • Massachusetts Electrical Contractors’ License #A-8545
  • Massachusetts Sprinkler Contractors’ License #SC-3836
  • Massachusetts Security License #SS-1047
  • Maine Master Electricians' License #MS60020894
  • New Hampshire Master Electricians’ License #12553 M
  • Rhode Island Electrical Contractors' License #AC004127
  • NICET Certified
  • DCAMM Certified Contractor
  • UL-Listed Installation and Service Company
  • Massachusetts Statewide Contract(s) Holder
  • Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC) Contract Holder