Central Station Monitoring

Our mesh radio monitoring network provides faster response, improved reliability and stronger redundancy. While disaster can strike anytime, the ability to detect, inform and react has direct implications for life and safety concerns. Therefore, a fault tolerant system that can connect any type of emergency alarm is paramount. Signals on the mesh radio monitoring network are highly reliable and are directed via the shortest possible path to the dispatch center.

NOREL's mesh radio monitoring system constantly monitors your facility for any possible event(s) yielding quick and accurate notification to responsible persons. The system automatically sends a signal with the basic information letting us know if a security or fire device has tripped the alarm. The system will continue to signal the alarm until it is acknowledged.

Benefits to joining our network:

  • Speed of receiving and processing signals
  • Phone lines are not required; no monthly phone bills
  • Faster notification, i.e., 1-3 seconds compared with 45 seconds for Internet, telephone & cellular
  • Remote system maintenance, diagnostics and programming of the mesh network
  • Hedge against current system becoming obsolete

We provide  Monitoring for the following:


In addition, our stand-by operators can receive calls from Elevator phones and/or Refuge Area phone systems.

Mesh Radio Monitoring Video: How it Works

More About Radio Monitoring:

  • Massachusetts Electrical Contractors’ License #A-8545
  • Massachusetts Sprinkler Contractors’ License #SC-3836
  • Massachusetts Security License #SS-1047
  • Maine Master Electricians' License #MS60020894
  • New Hampshire Master Electricians’ License #12553 M
  • Rhode Island Electrical Contractors' License #AC004127
  • NICET Certified
  • DCAMM Certified Contractor
  • UL-Listed Installation and Service Company
  • Massachusetts Statewide Contract(s) Holder
  • Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC) Contract Holder